Dubai is a modern, luxurious city. Built from a sudden boom in oil profits, Dubai is a fabulous display of splendour and wealth like nowhere else. Dubai is home to some of the tallest buildings in the world with some of the greatest and most forward thinking modern architecture.Travelup ReviewsDubai is not just a city for the rich though. As the oil boom receded the city was remodelled to appeal to tourists from all backgrounds, all around the world. As such the surrounding desert wastelands have been creatively utilised to facilitate a wide range of tourist activities to make Dubai an exciting destination for any adventurer.

Activities around Dubai include;

-       Camel Races

A big sport across the Arab nations, Dubai is equipped with a state of the art camel racing track to enjoy the unique sight of racing camels. Visitors to the camel races can also enjoy tours of the paddocks.

-       Dune Bashing

You can choose between gentle tours of the natural beauty over the unending dune seas, or go wild and hire a dune buggy. Dune buggy and SUV drivers can take you on a thrilling roller coaster ride over the tumultuous deserts.

-       Ski

Visitors might be surprised to find a ski resort available amid temperatures of thirty degrees centigrade and more, but that’s just another part of Dubai’s magic. Even though they have no mountains or snow, the locals built for themselves a luxurious indoor ski slope.

-       Water Sports

Being on the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is perfect for a whole range of water sports. Reliable winds make swimming less favourable, but windsurfing, sailing and diving down to explore the fascinating wrecks that dot the sea bed are all ideal.

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