Although Washington DC is the governmental capital of the USA, New York City is a kind of talisman of the nation. New York City is has an almost ridiculous number of strings to its bow, there is the New York Stock Exchange, the meeting place of the United Nations and even the global theatre hub of Broadway.

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New York was famously known as New Amsterdam by early Dutch settlers, however those two names don’t tell the full story. The region that became New York City underwent a myriad of name changes through its history.

To New York’s earliest residents, Native Algonquian tribe, the region was called Lenapehoking. Their land was however soon bought up by Europeans and the native inhabitants were driven away.

The first European to document visiting New York was a Florentine explorer called Giovanni da Verrozzano in 1524. Verrozzano only noted the region in passing however, as did numerous other explorers before the first actual European attempts at settlement in 1624. The region was colonised by intrepid Dutch settlers who know the larger region as New Netherland and their primary township as New Amsterdam.

New Amsterdam’s favourable position at the mouth of the Hudson River helped the small settlement grow. During the Second Anglo Dutch War however the settlers were forced to surrender the town to an approaching British fleet in 1665. The British subsequently re-named the town tactfully after the Duke of York, who was soon to become King James II, and so New York City was finally fully born.

There was time for one last name change however. In yet another Anglo-Dutch war the Dutch did manage to re-claim their colony and call it New Orange, after the name of their royal house. It wasn’t long though before the British came back and re-established their control over New York permanently.

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