Planning a family holiday can be surprisingly difficult. The family is a hodgepodge of different members all representing different generations, with different interests and different desires from a holiday, keeping everybody from youngest child to oldest great uncle can be a big challenge. Orlando is a blessing for family holidays; it is a tourist hotspot with such a wide range of parks and activities custom designed to appeal to everybody in the family in some way.

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Whether its fairy tales for kids, thrill rides for teenagers, romantic relaxation for adults or fascinating education for grandparents, Orlando has all the parks, attractions and venues to satisfy your needs. Attractions for every generation include;

- For Kids: Legoland Florida

Lego is one of the most popular and imaginative toys in the world for children. There’s nothing better for firing their imaginations than exploring the incredible worlds built by Lego professionals around the Legoland Park.

- For Teenagers: Universal Studios

Take the teens somewhere cool; Universal Studios has attractions based on all their favourite movies and thrilling rides to fuel their adrenaline. Universal Studios is another park to fire up young people’s imaginations, as they interact with the best scenes and characters from stage and screen.

- For Adults: Restaurants of Downtown Orlando

After all the excitement of parks and rides, parents want a little time to themselves. On the banks of Lake Eola, you can find a range of sophisticated restaurants, where you can sit out eating under cool Florida evening setting sun. Downtown Orlando is also noted for its range of cultural attractions, including music gigs, theatres and regular festivals.

- For Grandparents: Cape Canaveral

To suit the Grandparents desire for educational tourism, don’t bother with a stuffy museum, take the family to the actual home of NASA and maybe even witness a rocket blasting off into space. Cape Canaveral is educational for the whole family, whilst having the excitement of real space exploration.

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New York has plenty of fantastic restaurants, it also has some not exactly great ones, and for a first time visitor, it’s not simple to see the wood from the trees. If you crave phenomenal, dizzy, transporting dishes that you’ll remember for a long time, then follow this list of New York’s best kept secrets:Travelup ReviewsHudson Clearwater

Hudson Clearwater is a mystery restaurant. You find it via word of-mouth, since the restaurant itself resembles a covered up storefront. If someone has given you good directions, you stroll around the corner and down the road; you’ll uncover an unmarked green entryway in a block divider. Push open the entryway, walk on through a small enclosure and you’ll discover an excellent undercover restaurant. The delightful dining room and amicable staff pulls you in, and you can settle down for a tasty cocktail(the Hudson Mule has buffalo grass vodka, ginger brewskie, lime and sweetened ginger) and provincial American food (like flame broiled shed steak, accompanied by strawberry and blueberry shortcake).


This postage-stamp sized restaurant is on a tree-lined road in the West Village. It serves straightforward food on modest plates, including  the planet’s best fiery chicken and fries. You wait in line on the walkway for a table (which can be a little cold on a windy evening); and it’s BYO so bring along your most beloved inexpensive wine. (Tip: After supper, stroll down to Magnolia Bakery and get a cupcake for dessert.)

Mary’s Fish Camp

This perma-pressed modest seafood restaurant leaves you with a feeling that you’ve been rushed up to Maine. One quick look at the menu and you’ll understand why. On top of that, it has the best lobster in the city.


This small Italian sandwich shop is an undiscovered gem. Pressed Panini are made up from amazing meats and cheeses (our true favourite is the cacciatorini, goat cheddar and dark olive pesto), and accompanied with a vibe that is sentimental and relaxed. This is the sort of food that makes you exclaim with joy over each nibble. It’s the ideal date spot when you haven’t got the cash to splash, or a place to meet a companion for a comfy supper. (Insider tip: Stop by to have a glass of wine in the late evening when it’s quiet and you can sit at the wooden bar, sample your wine and watch the lights come in through the windows.)

Mermaid Inn

There’s something unique about the Mermaid Inn. We can’t completely put our finger on it, yet it has one of the cosiest dining rooms in New York. When you stroll in, you feel the anxiety dissolve away. Sit down, request calamari and fish tacos, and relax. It’s an incredible place for a big group of diners, since you can sit in their back room or a separate secured enclosure.  Since they don’t have a dessert menu, they bring out every diner a shot of coffee loaded with chocolate pudding and one of their “interesting” fortune-telling fish!

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1. Toro Torro

This South American restaurant and bar is a popular base for Dubai Marina inhabitants. Located in the Grosvenor House Hotel, Toro offers a wide choice of Tapas. If you don’t know Tapas, it’s a Spanish term used to depict modest dishes, and bite sized main courses. Specials on the menu include a mouth-watering Argentinean steak and crisp barbecued ocean bass. The restaurant also has a great selection of wines from South American nations and Europe.

2. Siddharta Lounge by Buddha Bar

This laid back area, in the same building as Toro, is the embodiment of relaxation. As well as a medium sized pool, Siddharta has a huge lit up outside bar, various white tables, and relaxing couches. Inside, the decor is similarly stylish and current. While the serving portions aren’t huge, the nourishment is first class. It’s an exotic mix of Mediterranean and Asian cooking.

3. Dough puncher & Spice

This is one of the best natural gourmet chains in the emirate. With a restaurant at Dubai Marina, Baker & Spice is a great choice for breakfast, brunch or lunch. They serve a mixture of solid and healthy greens, hot meals and crisp juices.

4. Benihana

This Japanese cooking jewel can be discovered in Amwaj Rotana inn. If you’re into teppanyaki or sushi, the culinary specialists can fulfil your cravings. You can also book a private section for large social events or parties and revel in a culinary exhibition by these gourmet experts.

5. Trader Vics

This bar and restaurant is really popular for its music and lively vibe. Beautiful dividers, African wooden statues and Spanish tunes all fuse together to make for a charming background. The food runs from bar snacks to impressive dinners. Make sure to try the coconut-based beverages that come in impressive tubs.

6. Buddha Bar

This well-known Thai restaurant and bar gets super packed, particularly on the weekends. It is popular for its beverages and mixed drinks, and in addition its mellowed out environment and food won’t disappoint either. The Thai Green Chicken Curry is an absolute must have.

7. Supports

This English games pub is the ideal spot for a true taste of fish and chips. The bar is found at Ocean View Hotel and has indoor and open air dining that has been decorated with modern smooth lines. If you’re looking to take your companions out for an easy night of food and fun then this is the place to be.

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Dubai is a modern, luxurious city. Built from a sudden boom in oil profits, Dubai is a fabulous display of splendour and wealth like nowhere else. Dubai is home to some of the tallest buildings in the world with some of the greatest and most forward thinking modern architecture.Travelup ReviewsDubai is not just a city for the rich though. As the oil boom receded the city was remodelled to appeal to tourists from all backgrounds, all around the world. As such the surrounding desert wastelands have been creatively utilised to facilitate a wide range of tourist activities to make Dubai an exciting destination for any adventurer.

Activities around Dubai include;

-       Camel Races

A big sport across the Arab nations, Dubai is equipped with a state of the art camel racing track to enjoy the unique sight of racing camels. Visitors to the camel races can also enjoy tours of the paddocks.

-       Dune Bashing

You can choose between gentle tours of the natural beauty over the unending dune seas, or go wild and hire a dune buggy. Dune buggy and SUV drivers can take you on a thrilling roller coaster ride over the tumultuous deserts.

-       Ski

Visitors might be surprised to find a ski resort available amid temperatures of thirty degrees centigrade and more, but that’s just another part of Dubai’s magic. Even though they have no mountains or snow, the locals built for themselves a luxurious indoor ski slope.

-       Water Sports

Being on the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is perfect for a whole range of water sports. Reliable winds make swimming less favourable, but windsurfing, sailing and diving down to explore the fascinating wrecks that dot the sea bed are all ideal.

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Florida is the location of the most visited city in America, with more than 51 million visitors a year.  The city is Orlando and it is sometimes called the ‘theme park capital of the world’ and for good reason.  The city of Orlando has more entertainment attractions and theme parks than anywhere else in the world and, consequently, tourism is the area’s foremost economy.

TravelupThe most famous theme park attraction is, of course, Walt Disney World and the decision to build it near Orlando in 1965 was a real shot in the arm for the local economy.  Originally Walt Disney had looked at sites in both Tampa and Miami, but finally settled on Orlando because its inland location made it less susceptible to hurricane damage.  Walt Disney World is located some 21 miles southwest of downtown Orlando.  The backbone of Orlando is International Drive which houses a good number of the major attractions as well as numerous hotels.

The Universal Orlando Resort is also a well-known attraction and it consists of two parks – Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. Other Orlando attractions include the Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park, Sea World and Gatorland.

Orlando is the perfect base for exploring all the many theme parks that have been built in and around the city and one place that is well worthy of a visit is Discovery Cove where you can get to swim with dolphins.  As well as the nearby theme parks and attractions, there are many further attractions just a short drive away.  The John F Kennedy Space Center is one such attraction that should not be missed, and it must have been especially impressive during the time that the Space Shuttle was being launched.

Orlando’s climate varies from hot and rainy through the summer months to dry and cooler through the winter.   The climate is aided by the Gulf Stream flowing around the peninsula of Florida.  Hurricanes do occur in Orlando, but they are considerably much weaker than in coastal areas with the city being 42 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and 77 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico.

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Whilst Orlando is best known as the home of theme parks and other family-orientated attractions, it also houses a fantastic selection of flea markets, where you can find all kinds of treasures, or simply stroll around and soak up the atmosphere. In this article, the experts working for Travelup discuss some of the best markets in Orlando.

One of the United States’ largest markets can be found in this city, and is aptly named ‘Flea World’. This is situated on Highway 17 and opens every weekend, from Friday morning until Sunday evening. Both tourists and local residents love to shop at this market, which houses approximately 1700 stalls. The market has both indoor and outdoor sections, and the former is air-conditioned during the blisteringly hot summer months. Although you can find almost anything you want to buy here, Flea World is a lot more than merely a market, Travelup explains – it contains an entertainment pavilion, with acrobatic and magic shows, circus acts and performances by dancers and musicians. These shows are also entirely free, and so even if you’re on a tight budget, it’s worth visiting this amazing market. In addition to this, there are funfair rides, go karts, a miniature golf course and a games arcade here.

TravelupAnother hugely popular spot is the Maingate Flea Market – this is located quite close to Disney World, and contains about four hundred stalls. The food sold here is excellent, with plenty of delicious ethnic cuisine which you can sample as you browse the jewellery, clothing and furniture stalls. This market is open seven days a week, Travelup add, from early in the morning until late in the evening.  Orlando’s other daily market is the 192 Flea Market, located in the area of Kissimmee. For those looking for reasonably priced souvenirs, this is the perfect place to visit.

Not too far away from here, you’ll come across the Osceola Flea & Farmers Market. As the name suggests, you can find fresh, locally grown produce here, as well as an abundance of antiques, clothes, crafts and jewellery. Even if you’re not in the mood for shopping, take a stroll around this market, and enjoy the rainbow-coloured displays of fruit and vegetables, and the bustling atmosphere of the stalls. The prices here are extremely affordable – according to Travelup reviews, it’s one of the best markets in Orlando if you’re looking for bargains.

If you are planning a holiday this year and are thinking about visiting South Africa, you may wish to visit Cape Town. The great weather there makes it a popular destination with holidaymakers. TravelUp reviews some of the most famous tourist attractions in Cape Town and the surrounding area.

TravelUp Reviews: Tourist attractions in Popular Holiday Destinations

TravelUp Reviews the Metropolis

Cape Town is often referred to, as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. It is a favourite destination for those who appreciate the mixture of Cape Dutch architecture, sophisticated modern buildings, and Victorian and Edwardian houses.

Constantia Wineland Estates

Constantia Valley is a short 20 minute journey from the city. It is easy to make a day trip out of Constantia Wineland Estates TravelUp Reviewsmaking a visit here. This area is popular with wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts, who like to come here to sample the excellent wine. The vineyards at the Wine Route Estates are an extremely famous attraction with tourists arriving from all over the world.

Estates here along the Wine Route, have a winemaking history which dates back to the end of the 17th Century. All the vineyards have been planted on the Constantiaberg mountain slopes. This is a place of astonishing natural beauty. There are now a total of eight wine estates comprising the entire Constantia Wine Route.

Award winning wines made in this region are tasted and bought here. The reputation for high wine quality is world renowned. This is the perfect climate for growing grapes. There are many local farms in the area who offer restaurant dining or refreshments to visitors. A number of hotels are situated in the area, should you decide to stay the night here.


Blaauwberg is an idyllic location, extremely popular with tourists. It offers a beautiful mix of: azure TravelUp Reviews Blaauwbergsea, blue sky and a variety of restaurants, bars and entertainment for holidaymakers. Blaauwberg is situated along the Cape’s West Coast.

It is from this amazing location that the picture postcards are photographed of nearby Table Mountain. If a holiday by the beach in the sun is your first choice, then Blaauwberg could be the place to stay and explore. There is no shortage of luxury accommodation here.

Strapped for cash? Travelup information shows you how to see Los Angeles on a budget

The city of Los Angeles is one of the most exciting and dynamic places you can visit, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Home to the entertainment industry, the top designer names and many of the world’s most famous Hollywood stars, there’s no doubt that LA can end up being a pricey holiday destination; however, with a little research and preparation, you can still experience all the great attractions that this city has to offer, without burning a hole in your pocket.

One of the most well (and free) sights in Los Angeles is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here you’ll find the hand and footprints of more than 2000 of the most famous actors, directors and producers in the film industry, who have been forever memorialised outside of the city’s chamber of commerce.

If you’d like the chance to spot a celeb in real life during your trip to LA, rather than merely admiring their handprints, you might want to look into attending a recording of a television show. These are extremely popular with tourists to LA. The vast majority of them are free, but you will need to book tickets to them online. The best TV shows are booked out months in advance, so this is one activity which you’ll need to plan for before you head off on your holiday.

If history, rather than Hollywood, sparks your interest, Travelup experts recommend a trip to Hancock Park’s La Brea Tar Pits is a must. This area contains some of the world’s most well preserved fossils from the time of the Ice Age; there are a total of 100 tonnes of bones which have fossilised and originate from hundreds of different species. This attraction is free, and very easy to get to; it’s situated just a few minutes’ walk away from the well known district of Miracle Mile.

Without a doubt, one of the top free attractions in this city is the spectacular Getty Museum, which houses some of the most incredible art collections, dating back to the Middle Ages. The museum was created by a man called Jean Paul Getty, a businessman who loved to collect antiques and art. In this treasure trove of a museum, you’ll find Etruscan, Roman and Greek antiquities.

In the west of LA, in a district called Venice, you can visit Venice beach, which is one of the most popular coastal locations on the western coast of the US. This is an ideal location for surfing enthusiasts, however the beach attracts a huge variety of people, all of whom are looking to kick back and relax beneath the heat of the LA sun. The best thing about Venice beach is that you can swim, paddle and lounge about on this beautiful beach all day without spending a single cent.