Known as a popular destination in its own right, the jewel in Orlando’s crown, and its most famous attraction, is the original Disneyland Theme Park. Disneyland Orlando is one of the best known amusement parks in the world, starting out as the home to Mickey Mouse and his pals; Disneyland has grown to incorporate all of Disney’s modern international blockbusting franchises.

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The wider Orlando has also made a name for itself as a tourist centre, with access to the mysterious Florida everglades lurking with crocodiles, and numerous other theme parks and attractions. Wherever you go in Orlando however the single certainty will be the weather. The state of Florida enjoys a very warm climate; it is in fact on the same latitude as the hot, dry deserts of Mexico.

Choosing the right time to visit is therefore essential. The overall benefit of Orlando is that the temperatures only range from pleasantly warm, to very hot. You can’t choose a bad time to go; you only have to choose how much heat will suit you.

-       Winter

The coolest time of year in Orlando still averages around 20˚C. Winter in Orlando is usually very pleasant if you don’t like it too hot. Although a couple of weeks a year can reach lows of 2 ˚C, which still isn’t as gloomy as Britain.

-       Spring

Spring has highs of around 27˚C and heats up towards summer. If you don’t like rain, spring in Orlando is the driest time of year.

-       Summer

For real heat lovers, Florida summer will often reach 32˚C by 10am. Florida’s summer temperatures are seriously high and visitors during summer are advised to take suitable precautions against the effects of the sun. Summer visitors should also be aware of Orlando’s summer storms, heavy rain and wind are common, as well as the occasional hurricane.

-       Autumn

Autumns vary in Orlando, although they stay within 20-30˚C averages. Autumn can often be the most comfortable time of the year for visitors.

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Although Washington DC is the governmental capital of the USA, New York City is a kind of talisman of the nation. New York City is has an almost ridiculous number of strings to its bow, there is the New York Stock Exchange, the meeting place of the United Nations and even the global theatre hub of Broadway.

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New York was famously known as New Amsterdam by early Dutch settlers, however those two names don’t tell the full story. The region that became New York City underwent a myriad of name changes through its history.

To New York’s earliest residents, Native Algonquian tribe, the region was called Lenapehoking. Their land was however soon bought up by Europeans and the native inhabitants were driven away.

The first European to document visiting New York was a Florentine explorer called Giovanni da Verrozzano in 1524. Verrozzano only noted the region in passing however, as did numerous other explorers before the first actual European attempts at settlement in 1624. The region was colonised by intrepid Dutch settlers who know the larger region as New Netherland and their primary township as New Amsterdam.

New Amsterdam’s favourable position at the mouth of the Hudson River helped the small settlement grow. During the Second Anglo Dutch War however the settlers were forced to surrender the town to an approaching British fleet in 1665. The British subsequently re-named the town tactfully after the Duke of York, who was soon to become King James II, and so New York City was finally fully born.

There was time for one last name change however. In yet another Anglo-Dutch war the Dutch did manage to re-claim their colony and call it New Orange, after the name of their royal house. It wasn’t long though before the British came back and re-established their control over New York permanently.

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Bangkok, known by locals as Krung Thep, is today a major tourist destination of the Far East. Travellers from all over the globe visit to enjoy the city’s thriving urban culture, remnants of its charming ancient culture as well as gathering to explore surrounding Thailand. One of Bangkok’s most fascinating aspects is the city’s blend of old and new; with ultra-modern sky-scrapers rubbing shoulders with historic palaces, all witnessed from the Skytrains that race above.

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Bangkok’s history is as rich and fascinating as the rest of Thailand. Although Bangkok isn’t as ancient as the rest of Thailand, its recent transformation and modernisation into the thriving metropolis it is today is fascinating and has been profoundly influenced by tourism.

The first evidence of any substantial settlement in the region of Bangkok dates back to the fifteenth century and the reign of the Ayutthayan king Chao Sam Phraya. Due to its strategically valuable position on the Chao Phraya River the settlement grew to relative significance in its local region, gaining a pair of forts for protection.

Bangkok was officially established as a capital by King Rama I in 1782. Despite pressure from Thailand’s numerous neighbours particularly Burma, China and later the growing influence of Western colonial powers, Bangkok survived as the capital of an independent Thailand. King Rama was responsible for grand monuments like the Lak Mueang and the Grand Palace that can still be visited today.

Throughout the nineteenth century Bangkok was heavily influenced by western trade and began to industrialise. The Charoen Krung road was Bangkok’s first paved street and still survives. Responsible for many of Bangkok’s most startling monuments from this period was King Chulalongkorn whose fascination with western culture led to him building the neoclassical Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall.

In the twentieth century it was American soldiers who made Bangkok into the tourist capital it now is. After WWII Bangkok became a popular location for US soldiers on leave, this is what led to Bangkok’s famed nightlife and inspired the city’s tourist industry to flourish.

Today Bangkok’s rich history makes the city a truly magical place to visit.

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Dubai is a modern, luxurious city. Built from a sudden boom in oil profits, Dubai is a fabulous display of splendour and wealth like nowhere else. Dubai is home to some of the tallest buildings in the world with some of the greatest and most forward thinking modern architecture.Travelup ReviewsDubai is not just a city for the rich though. As the oil boom receded the city was remodelled to appeal to tourists from all backgrounds, all around the world. As such the surrounding desert wastelands have been creatively utilised to facilitate a wide range of tourist activities to make Dubai an exciting destination for any adventurer.

Activities around Dubai include;

-       Camel Races

A big sport across the Arab nations, Dubai is equipped with a state of the art camel racing track to enjoy the unique sight of racing camels. Visitors to the camel races can also enjoy tours of the paddocks.

-       Dune Bashing

You can choose between gentle tours of the natural beauty over the unending dune seas, or go wild and hire a dune buggy. Dune buggy and SUV drivers can take you on a thrilling roller coaster ride over the tumultuous deserts.

-       Ski

Visitors might be surprised to find a ski resort available amid temperatures of thirty degrees centigrade and more, but that’s just another part of Dubai’s magic. Even though they have no mountains or snow, the locals built for themselves a luxurious indoor ski slope.

-       Water Sports

Being on the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is perfect for a whole range of water sports. Reliable winds make swimming less favourable, but windsurfing, sailing and diving down to explore the fascinating wrecks that dot the sea bed are all ideal.

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